vrijdag 26 juni 2015

BMW R 1200 R 90th Anniversary

Due to the fact that BMW are making Motorcycles for 90 years the released this special model R1200R 90th Anniversary
It’s all Black and that’s what I like about this R1200R

The R1200R “90 Jahre BMW Motorrad” is finished in Sapphire black metallic for the front fender, fuel tank and rear trim. A special model inscription is also included. The swingarm, trailing arm and rear frame are Asphalt grey metallic matt. Meanwhile, the DOHC boxer engine is finished in black with a black anodized Paralever strut. For contrast, the cylinder head covers, wheels, fork bridge and front axle bearings are Granite grey metallic matt. The fixed fork tubes and brake calipers are anodized in gold. This model is rounded off with a nickel-plated and polished brass plate bearing the inscription “90 Jahre BMW Motorrad” which replaces the BMW logo on the upper fork bridge.

This “Special Edition” has got all the nice features:

·         DOHC Engine (Double Overhead Cam)
·         ABS (antilock braking system)
·         ACS (Automatic Stability Control)
·         ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment)
·         RDC (Tyre Pressure Control System)
·         LED Turnsignals
·         BMW Alarm System
·         Centre Stand
·         Heated Handlebar Grip
·         Comfort Seat

Wunderlich - Classic Trophy cockpit fairing - sapphire black metallic

The classic styled half-fairing and colour scheme retains a certain racing feeling combined with a strong reduction of wind pressure. The upper body is less strained, which helps to maintain a high average speed on long distance rides.
When riding in a normal seating position the head area is subjected to an even and turbulent free stream of air; duck a little bit behind the screen and high speeds are not a problem anymore!
Inspired by the legendary R 90 S and the R 100 CS, a modern classic has been created.

To make it start and run better:
4 x NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug CR8EIX (4218)
The only tools you will need for the job are a 14mm tube socket to get the old MAR8B-JDS plugs out, and a 16mm tube socket with a maximum outer diameter of 22mm to tighten the new plugs.
These plugs will hold for the next 60.000 kilometers.
I buy my plugs at the The Green Spark PlugCo. 

Due to the emission demands the engine is running  “lean”
Al little too much air to the air/fuel mixture.
There is a way, by building in a electrical resistance between the inlet air temperature sensor and the ECU to give false information to the Electronic Control Unit.
It tells the ECU it is about 10C colder than it actually is.
So it gives a little bit more fuel to the mixture.
For this purpose I bought a ReCyclizer.

I had a GS 1200 ADV with a K&N Airfilter, Full Akrapovic exhaust system and a ReCyclizer and bought a Powercommander PCV to adjust the fuel delivery and to make it even better.
We put the bike on the Dyno and made a first run with the ReCyclizer and a second run with the Powercommander V.
There was not much difference, just a little.
Noted that the ReCylizer cost € 36 and the Powercommander incl test run € 450

So to make the fuel mixture better and to gain a little torque and horsepower I installed the ReCyclizer with the K&NAirfilter.

If you have a R1200R (K1200S, K1200R, or K1300S/R) with the original red incandescent tail-light, you can update it to a nice LED Taillight unit with a retrofit kit direct from BMW. It will set you back a couple hundred bucks, but gives you a much more conspicuous rear-end. The brake light in particular is like night and day compared to the original.

For Engine Lubrication I use Motorex Boxer 4T SAE 15W50
For the Gearbox and Rear Axle I use Motorex Gear Oil Penta LS 75W140
These are fully Synthetic High Performance lubrication oils.

I have driven the bike now for about 2000 km.
Touring through the Ardennes, Luxemburg and Germany.
Due to the Motorex Gear Oil Penta LS 75W140 the shifting goes really easy, much more smoother than before.
The fuel rate I get is 20 Km per litre which is great.
I’ve done 350 km without refuelling.
No regrets for not buying a NineT.
This bike is really practical with the cases you can click on and off.
Always useful to have a lot of luggage space if you want it.

The cockpit fairing form Wunderlich does it job and it is very well made, high quality. No more head shaking like I had on the R1200GS Adventure due to turbulence.

To make it perform even better I installed a Power Commander V with the Auto Tune AT-300.

The Auto Tune kit monitors the fuel mixture (by installing the included Wide Band O2 sensor in the exhaust). It then sends this information to the Power Commander V and automatically corrects it while you ride.

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